I live in Brighton, UK. Cooking and writing (still editing that first novel) are two of my favourite things. I am passionate about creating exciting, satisfying and (mostly) healthy food to share with friends and family. On this blog I will post recipes, all beautifully photographed by my husband Simon Colmer. All the recipes are vegetarian, many are vegan. I am neither. However, given the totally unsustainable reliance human beings have on production and consumption of animal products combined with my ethos that meat is unnecessary for creating exciting and satisfying food, I maintain a predominantly vegetarian diet.

We have an allotment and by some miracle given that we do not put in anywhere near the hours that we should, it still produces providing a modest flow of seasonal and fresh fruit and veg to our kitchen which I make use of in the recipes I create. My travels for work and pleasure have opened my eyes to new flavours and techniques and are a constant influence on my cooking. In addition I am wheat intolerant and so I cook gluten free.